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Considering quitting your job? There are a lot of personal benefits and consequences that comes to making the final decision to move on and leave your job. According to Above the Law, employment lawyers give their perspective on how to exit with grace.

No matter how you want to exit, there are particular ways to make your exit smoother no matter what is motivating you to leave your job. There are particular ways you can exit. Do you want to feel the satisfaction by send off a good “f-you” to the employer who you feel most deserves it? There are ways to exit than the destructive employee send off. Above the Law has seen its fair share of send-offs including “Bye Felicia” emails in real life).

Farewell emails may seem like a good idea, and they often do not do any damage to the reputation of the employee, nor do they “burn bridges” with other co-workers or supervisors. Sometimes, however, the emails can be devastating. Most employment attorneys will tell you that you should always leave your employer with class and try not to vocalize (or print) grievances, no matter if they are justified or not. If you have a serious issue with an employer, a lawsuit or formal legal action may be better than putting the company “on blast” in print or online review.

If you are unhappy at work, you can seek alternative employment, work-from-home opportunities, or other ways to stage your exit from your current company. There are many different ways that you can find satisfaction at work, and with these four easy-to-remember tips, you can leave your current job with dignity:

  • Try to obtain a good reference to help you find your next job. A colleague or supervisor at your current job (even if you are not completely satisfied with your current position) may be a good resource. Former colleagues or even satisfied clients can also be a resource for a reference.
  • Record your “victories”. Make sure to highlight the things you’ve achieved, awards or recognition you’ve earned, and any accolades that you can add to your resume and discuss in interviews.
  • Utilize your network. Everyone has resources that can help them network or learn about industry certifications that can help them with their job search. The more certifications you can earn, the more qualified of a candidate you will appear to potential employers.
  • Familiarize yourself with your contract and agreements. Before leaving your employer, make sure you are familiar with the contract you signed, any non-compete agreements that might be in place, and anything else that you may need to know before you exit. It would be a shame to start working at a new company, only to find yourself in contractual “hot water” over a non-compete agreement you forgot about!

It is important to maintain professionalism and find a happy balance in your career. Employment lawyers help employees hold businesses accountable for workplace violations, including harrassment, discrimination, and other claims. Call a lawyer when you need help or if you are being mistreated by your employer and keep your reputation intact by leaving with grace and dignity! 

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