Personal Injury/Nursing Home Abuse

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With the growing number of the population opting for nursing homes for their elderly family members, there has also been an increase in claims for nursing home abuse. A nursing home, elderly care facility, rest or convalescent home will be legally responsible when their acts of negligence, abuse, or neglect caused significant harm or injury to their patient or resident. A nursing home or health care facility can be legally held responsible depending on the ongoing practice or policy in the facility or the actions (or inactions) of the employees working there.

There are a number of ways that a nursing home abuse can happen, among them, negligent supervision, negligent hiring, failure to uphold sufficient policies for health and safety, failure to uphold a reasonably safe premises free of any hazards, and failure to administer the suitable medical treatment in line with the required standard of care according to each patient’s individual circumstance. According to the Ravid firm, patients or residents who suffered harm or injuries due to the facilities non-compliance to the federal regulations that set the standard of care for medical facilities and medical professionals are held responsible for their actions or lack thereof.

Among the many ways that a senior patient or resident can be injured or harmed in a nursing home or health care facility is through medication errors. Although uncommon, medication errors are very simple to conduct. Among the most common ways are when pharmacists made errors in reading the physician’s prescription, or patients being given the wrong medication or prescription dosage. Wrong ways of administering the medication can also cause injuries or harm to the patient. When the injuries resulted in serious health risks or complications, then contacting a personal injury lawyer would be the best way to proceed with the claim. Many patients and their families are at loss as to whether to file a personal injury or medical malpractice claim. By contacting an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer, you will be informed on which claim to file according to the evidence presented.

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