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As the year draws to an end and a new one about to start, it may be a great time to consider getting a new haircut. Many women tend to get comfortable with their hair and end up with the same hairstyle for a long time, even for many years; it would only take some important or drastic life changes to make a woman decide to get another haircut, maybe because people tend to see it as a time to renew and start over again. Indeed, getting your hair cut and styled in a new way can be very powerful and encouraging.

The trick in getting the best for what you are paying for is to first find a salon that you are comfortable and trust with your hair. In order to protect yourself from a bad haircut that may leave you crying for a couple of weeks, finding a hair stylist whom you trust and whose opinion you value. They are the ones who will help you decide which hairstyle or haircut would be best suitable for you – the you that’s enjoying your life at this very moment. In order to avoid future regrets from getting the wrong hairstyle or haircut,the website of Therapy Hair Studio gives the following advice:

  • Determine your face shape and your hair texture. These will be the basis on which hairstyle or hair color will best suit you. There are some cuts that are will not look good on certain face shapes or hair textures, so being well informed and prepared for your new hairstyle is a must.
  • Maintain realistic expectations. Although you brought and showed your hairstylist a picture of which celebrity hair you want to have, it is always important to understand that these celebrities have an army of beauty experts at their beck and call to help them get red-carpet and paparazzi-ready. So having a clear and honest communication with your stylist is important in order for you to get what you want.
  • Check if your new hairstyle will fit accordingly to your lifestyle. You might be put in a pinch if you are a low-maintenance girl and get a high-maintenance hairstyle. If you are ready to invest time and money for your hair, then getting a high-maintenance hairstyle may be a good choice, but if you are a wash-and-go type, you might want to talk with your stylist first.
  • Lastly, make sure that are really ready to get a new hairstyle. Spontaneity can often result in regrets, therefore make sure to think about it long and hard before getting a new hairstyle.

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