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Sex crimes cover many different types of offences, but generally comprises of any illegal or coerced conducts that are sexual in nature directed towards an unwilling person or individual. Each state has their own laws regarding sex crimes, with their own statute of limitations, set of penalties, and level or severity. Those who have been convicted of any type of sex crime will be listed as a “sex offender” and their names will be added on state and federal registries. As anyone who understands this, the implications of being listed on a sex offender registry can have a grave effect on you and other people’s lives.

In the state of Florida, the laws regarding sex crimes (along with the state’s criminal laws) have taken a lot of attention through the past years. Florida laws are divided into two general groups: misdemeanors and felonies. Serious crimes are considered felonies and have the heaviest penalties. Just as with any state, the laws regarding sex crimes have severe penalties and can put you in danger of being imprisoned for life or given the death penalty according to the severity of the crime.

Any Okaloosa County criminal defense lawyer would tell you that because of the seriousness of sex crimes, any charges should not be taken lightly, especially if the charges are the type of sex crimes that involve people under the age of 17 years. Because of the stress that a criminal charge can cause you, hiring the right lawyer will help in providing you the necessary defense you need to ensure you will have a fair trial. There are different types of sex crimes, such as rape, indecent exposure, solicitation, sexual assault and prostitution.

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