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About a dozen states in the US follow the no-fault law when it comes to car insurance. These states include the District of Columbia, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Minnesota, Kentucky, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Florida, North Dakota, and Utah. This means that should you get into a car accident, your car insurance insurer will be the one to pay a portion or all of your medical expenses as well as lost earnings, whether or not you or another person caused the accident. It is still important, however to understand that each of these states have their own set of rules regarding the benefits that will be provided by the insurance company; some may provide complete compensation while other states may only require a limited amount.

In an event of a hit-and-run accident, it may be difficult to get compensation especially if the one at-fault left the scene of the accident. Evidence such as CCTV video evidence or witness reports or remembering the license plates are the key in getting the other party accountable for their negligent actions. Otherwise, no-fault states will require the injured party to file a claim against their car insurer. For states that do not follow the no-fault rule, the victim may have to file a, underinsured/uninsured motorist claim.

The main reason for a personal injury claim against a person who committed a hi0tand-run is to recover punitive damages. This type of damages is made to ensure that the defendant’s action will not be committed again, and can only be given when the court deems the defendant’s actions were intentional and reckless that resulted in harming the plaintiff, or that the defendants egregious acts lead to the plaintiff’s injuries and damages. This is because everyone is considered legally aware and responsible for their actions following an accident, and running away from the scene is deemed morally objectionable.

According to the website of Milwaukee, Wisconsin car accident attorneys, the dangers of road accidents are always present, which is why car insurance is very important. Regardless of whether you are a victim or the person who caused the accident, having car insurance will be the only way to protect yourself from damages that the accident may cause, and help you prevent possible license suspension or even revocation.

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